Providing Quality Care | Remote Mobile Clinics Near You

TAN Healthcare
Mobile Medical Unit

TAN Healthcare has a mobile unit coming to a neighborhood near you. We understand it is not always easy to visit the doctor especially when you live far away from the nearest medical facility. Our medical providers partner with churches, civic groups, and city/county institutions to select sites where healthcare is scarce. Southeast Texas has many rural areas in several outlying communities across the region, and we want to make sure everyone receives the medical care they deserve.

TAN Healthcare
Treats Everyone

TAN Healthcare’s Mobile Medical Unit sees patients for chronic and acute medical issues utilizing the latest technology with our top of the line mobile diagnostics equipment. Our medical team conducts physical examinations, onsite labs, and so much more while easing tension, stress and overall costs for patients. We take insurance but provide alternatives for those who not have it including help filling out paperwork if needed.

Health Insurance? No Insurance?

No Problem!

At the Medical & More Mobile Health Clinics, TAN Healthcare provides affordable, quality medical services and accepts private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. A sliding scale is available for those who are uninsured.