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Mobile Clinic Monthly Schedule

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Mobile Clinic

We are now coming to a neighborhood near you with our Mobile Medical Clinic serving several outlying communities across the region. The Mobile Medical Team brings medical care to you—easier appointments and friendly environments with quality care that has become our signature for these remote location clinics. We offer a complete medical home experience. Please, check our calendar to see when we will be coming to your neighborhood.

Mobile Clinic Monthly Schedule

Mobile Clinic

The mobile clinic team starts off this process by partnering with churches, civic groups, or even city/county institutions to select sites to host our Mobile Medical Clinics. The mobile clinic team sets up in a church or community center to see patients for chronic and acute medical issues such as hypertension, diabetes, women’s health checks, hyperlipidemia, STD testing. Our medical team, which includes a nurse practitioner, nurse, medical assistant, as well as check in/out staff and lab techs to conduct onsite labs, also checks vitals and cares for minor wounds. Onsite lab testing means one less trip someone makes—easing tensions, stress and overall costs for patients.

We also utilize the latest technology with our Mobile Diagnostic equipment that enables the clinicians to provide in-depth assessments including retinal scans, echocardiograms, and various other physical assessments. All this is done with the ability to have a physician tele-med connect to see, hear and advise the live-action assessments as they happen.
Our healthcare navigators are here to assist with insurance coverage applications, as well as many peripheral services that influence your health needs. If you have a more serious condition, we make referrals to a specialist and connect you with one of our full-service medical clinics in Beaumont and Orange.

Our mobile clinic patients have access to transportation to get to appointments and back home. TAN wants everyone in the community to receive health care for more serious issues such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia as well as STD testing, and treatment for Hepatitis C and HIV. Our clinics also offer individuals and families behavioral health services for depression, substance abuse counseling or help to find a treatment center.

Health Insurance? No Insurance?

No Problem!

At the Medical & More Mobile Health Clinics, TAN Healthcare provides affordable, quality medical services and accepts private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. A sliding scale is available for those who are uninsured.