PharmBlue, located onsite at TAN Healthcare in Beaumont, has developed unique packaging to help with adherence. We offer a 30-day supply. Patients can pick up their medicines at either Beaumont or Orange clinic locations, or choose to have their medication mailed to home.
PharmBlue’s Right-On-Time Packs include:
• Comprehensive pharmacy labeling.
• Detailed description of pill appearance and numeric identifier.
• Color-coded icons specific to the time of day.
• On-the-go portable packaging.
• Multi-lingual printing available.
• Optional perforation for enhanced portability.
• Easy to open packs.


To get started, call a Patient Navigator at one of our TAN Healthcare centers in Beaumont or Orange.


Beaumont Health Center, 409-832-3377, 1495 7th Street


Orange Health Center, 409-920-4223, 3737 N. 16th Street