Hepatitis C

TAN Healthcare Center has been providing treatment for Hepatitis C, screening, and education for prevention to individuals at risk or living with Hepatitis C (HCV) in Southeast Texas since 1987. We are providing patients with the latest options in testing, treatment and possible freedom from a chronic illness once only offering possible remission. Our caring and knowledgeable staff includes three Nurse Practitioners, an Internal Medicine Doctor and a Primary Care Physician specializing in the treatment and cure of Hepatitis C. TAN Healthcare’s prevention and education services help individuals reduce their risk of becoming infected with HCV and also offer patient care support services for those individuals who are currently living with Hep-C.


TAN Healthcare conducts Hepatitis C (HCV) screening on a routine basis in each of our healthcare centers, as well as offering free screenings at various community events. Screening is the first step toward treatment and curing Hep C.


TAN has programs in place for the treatment and cure of Hep C for both insured and uninsured individuals. We offer the latest medications and comprehensive support programs to help cure the illness in as little as 12 weeks.


TAN wants you to find FREEDOM from Hep-C by walking through this journey with you to a cure, and our dedicated team helps you manage the many steps along the way. We know you are full of questions, and we are here with the answers and look forward to providing you with hope as we offer the most advanced treatments for Hep-C available today.

Risk Factors

  • People with HIV infection
  • Children born to mothers infected with the hepatitis C virus
  • People who are incarcerated
  • People who use intranasal drugs
  • People who received body piercing or tattoos done with non-sterile instruments
  • Recipients of blood transfusions or solid organ transplants prior to July 1992, before better testing of blood donors became available

  • Recipients of clotting factor concentrates made before 1987, when less advanced methods for manufacturing those products were used
  • Current or former injection drug users, including those who injected only once many years ago
  • Those born from 1945 through 1965 (Baby Boomers)
  • Hemodialysis patients

  • People with known exposures to the hepatitis C virus, such as

    • Health care workers after needle sticks involving blood from someone who is infected with the hepatitis C virus
    • Recipients of blood or organs from a donor who tested positive for the hepatitis C virus

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Patient Care

TAN Healthcare Center provides Patient Care Management for individuals testing positive for Hepatitis C. A program established by TAN Healthcare for those seeking treatment is The “Next Steps” Program is a program established by TAN Healthcare for those seeking treatment for this disease once thought incurable. This program walks a patient through the steps of the treatment process explaining the vital importance of adhering to the treatment and setting lab schedules for the optimum chance of being cured of Hep C. TAN also coordinates transportation to and from your appointments, medication assistance for those who qualify, and will help you find other resources available within the community to make this journey as easy as possible. Through many years of research, development, and trials, a person with Hep-C today can finally be free of this illness for good. Let our staff help you deal with your diagnosis and treatment with the support you need to help you on the road to recovery.