TAN Healthcare has announced that the Southeast Texas Health Education Conference, “Do the M.A.T.H.” will be rescheduled to Spring 2020, allowing the organization to continue mobilizing support for the community as we recover from Tropical Storm Imelda.
Dena Hughes, TAN Healthcare CEO, said that while providing education and awareness about infectious diseases is important for the organization, serving the health needs of the community has always been the organization’s top priority.

“During lengthy discussions with our board and staff regarding the upcoming ‘Do the M.A.T.H.’ conference, TAN Healthcare’s role in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Imelda became clear. Meeting the immediate needs of our community, particularly in post-disaster recovery, is our first priority as a community health center,” she said.

TAN Healthcare’s Mobile Medical Unit will be deployed to provide additional medical and mental health services to those who were affected by the storm.

“We want to ensure that our neighbors have access to medications, tetanus shots, blood pressure checks and or mental health support,” she said.

Hughes said that while the organization’s Beaumont and Orange facilities escaped damage from the storm, approximately one-third of its employees experienced damage to their homes.

“Natural disasters like Imelda impact everyone in our community. We dealt with this during Harvey and fortunately, we’re prepared to serve our community in the recovery from this storm. We urge our community members to wear face masks, gloves and boots when working in contaminated areas. If you were forced to wade through floodwaters during or after the storm, now is the time to assess the infection risks – don’t wait until you feel sick to consult with a medical provider,” Hughes said.