HIV Prevention Treatment

Since 1987, TAN Healthcare has been the leading provider for HIV Prevention Treatment and care in the Southeast Texas area. Treatment and care services support those individuals who are currently living with HIV/AIDS utilizing innovative therapies that are less invasive in a persons’ life, offer superior outcomes for health. Through education and providing healthcare services to individuals at risk or living with HIV/AIDS, Our infectious disease specialists are making a difference like never before. Our preventative and education services are geared to help individuals reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV. With a highly trained staff, TAN is dedicated to providing the highest level of HIV medical care available in Southeast Texas.

HIV Prevention Treatment Beaumont, TX

Testing, Treatment & Prevention


HIV Testing Beaumont, TX

HIV Testing is an essential part of TAN Healthcare. The team conducts HIV screening on a routine basis in each of our healthcare centers, also offering free screenings at community events and other outreach opportunities. HIV screening is vital to all persons who are at risk of HIV.


HIV Treatment Orange, TX

TAN has been treating HIV/AIDS for years and developed a successful and discreet treatment plan for individuals wanting to maintain their busy schedules including options to cover expenses for those who qualify.

Treatment as Prevention

AIDS Treatment Beaumont, TX

TAN also encourages PrEP – Post -Exposure Prophylaxis for anyone who has multiple sexual partners or a partner who is HIV Positive. Please see the link to learn more about PrEP as a form of HIV prevention.

Schedule an appointment with a TAN Healthcare Provider to talk more about your options for PrEP.

Patient Care

Infectious disease doctors at TAN Healthcare Center provides Patient Care Management targeted to reduce barriers which interfere with individuals living with HIV/AIDS. We help individuals become adherent to their medical treatment and remain in care. This includes coordinating transportation to and from your appointments, medication assistance for those who qualify and helping you find other resources available within the community to help make this difficult journey as easy as possible.