Telehealth Services

COVID telemedicineAs we continue to make adjustments to our way of life and the way we serve one another during this time, TAN Healthcare has expanded healthcare visit opportunities to include Telehealth Services in both their Beaumont and Orange locations. Telehealth Services can include both visits with your Primary Care Provider over the phone or via the internet by a computer or smartphone. Though we won’t be able to engage you face to face (for now), we do want to continue to support you and your family with your healthcare needs. Your provider will make the determination on whether or not your visit is appropriate for telehealth making seeing a provider easy and safe during this time we are all practicing social distancing. If the provider decides a face to face visit is needed, it can be scheduled. Thank you for your patience as we implement these changes to support our overall health and wellness. We know that COVID-19 is really taking a toll on all of us, but TAN Healthcare is here to continue providing quality
and timely care affordably for you and your family.

New Patients

Call Beaumont at 409-832-3377 or Orange at 409-920-4223


Click The Pre-Register Button On The Portal Page

You MUST have a computer or smartphone with internet service.

Click on the photo to the right or the button below to go to the portal page to click the pre-register button. We will call you during regular business hours to finish the application process. Please, be sure to give an email address where you can receive docusign papers to finalize your paperwork and set your Telehealth appointment.

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Existing Patient Appointments

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Health Insurance? No Insurance?
No Problem!

TAN accepts all major insurance including Medicaid and Medicare and offers a sliding scale discount for those who qualify. We offer payment plan options for those falling in the middle who don’t qualify for assistance but still need a helping hand.